Saturday , February 24 2018
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Accueil / English Views / shots fired against a Muslim High School in Montreal

shots fired against a Muslim High School in Montreal


Late  last night, we have been informed that a Muslim high school (Muslim Schools of Montreal) was the victim of an act of vandalism by airguns. The incident did not cause any victims.

This unnoticed information comes after a series of articles and media coverage on Muslim schools and community centers in recent weeks, stigmatizing and demonizing Muslims in Quebec.

Thus, entire files in newspapers, Quebecor’ group’s ones especially, relayed in the same group’s TV news, were devoted to the affairs of the Muslim community in Quebec and institutions.

The High school campus Director has confirmed that there is an ongoing police investigation.

Raphael Bergeron, from the SPVM also confirmed that an investigation started since yesterday when the police has been informed about this mischief.

« This hate act takes place in the wake of a series of highly mediatized reports and investigations on Muslim schools and other Muslim community institutions. It’s a further sign of a deteriorating social climate for Quebec’s Muslims, » said Adil Charkaoui, The Quebec Collective against Islamphobia (CQCI’s) coordinator, before he adds: « Not only politicians have a duty to combat hate speech and violent acts targetting the Muslim community. Mass media must also become more conscious that, by keeping the Muslim community under scrutiny, it can greatly contribute to stigmatization. ».

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